Monday, 6 June 2011

lovely old bangers!

I'm a complete sucker for an old banger!
mmmmmmmmmm the smell of the leather seats (no seat belts required)

the massive central arm rests and having to wind (yes manually) the window down for air con......
If money was plenty I'd buy a citroen ds19 (sigh!),
a volvo 121/122s (double sigh!)
and a chumbly old humber.........
lottery squillions be mine!

classic and performance car


  1. Lovely old bangers! I love the look of the last car, cross fingers that you win the lottery!

  2. I used to insist (brat) on my seat being the central arm rest! How about a deal, if you win the lottery please buy me a Morris minor convertible, if I win I'll buy me a Morris minor convertible!;D (of courese I'd buy you the classic of your choice lovely!)xx

  3. My friend's dad had a humber and we'd all pile in the back and fight for a place on the arm rest......ah the the good old days!
    Right off to buy a lottery ticket now, as they say you've got to be in it to win it xx

  4. My car of choice would be a Morris Minor Traveller. I broke my thumb in the door of a Humber on the first day of the summer hols when I was about 10. I had gone to get fish and chips with my parents as a treat. I was sitting on my mum's lap as the back was full of 'stuff' (as all our cars always seemed to be). The doors of the Humber were really heavy and so I put my hand up by the top of the door rim to steady myself, slammed the door ... and screamed. My parents couldn't figure out what the problem was and then realised I couldn't move because my thumb was trapped in the door. It came out looking rather flat and hurt like hell. Had to go straight to hospital and never did get to eat my chips!

  5. Ouch!!!!!! Poor you and you've just reminded me, my friend trapped her fingers in the door too......Humbers were a Health & safety nightmare!