Friday, 24 June 2011

U2 at Glastonbury - Achtung Baby!

Sitting watching U2 on stage at Glastonbury
(from the comfort of my sofa)
is just amazing.
Memories and big, big songs!
This was THE band of my teenage years.
I still rank War as one of my all time fave albums.

Achtung Baby is TWENTY years old!!!
Oh my life where have all the years gone?

Is it really 18 years ago I went to Wembly (twice!)to see Mr MacPhisto perform his magic on the Zooropa stage.
(I've still got my Zoo Ecu money somewhere, haven't you Wend?)

He's still got it, even though that leather suit of
his might need a wash!

I wish I was at Glastonbury.............


  1. Ah happy days indeed - he's still got it the sexy old rascal!!! Flip 20 years since we went to Wembley - OMG as the youngsters say! - Boys and D thoroughly enjoyed a couple of hours of mummy-karaoke last night. Not very often I sing 'til I'm hoarse these days (though the clan may disagree) Wx

  2. snap! except i waited at the age of 15 for 2 hours for an autograph at hammersmith odeon (showing my age!) it was pouring and they were horrid! me and my sister never bought another thing of theirs!!xx

  3. So do I sooooo badly it hurts! xx

  4. Blimey I watched Elbow last night and had another pang! Why am I not there????
    Oh and I loved Jessie J and Tinie Tempah too (getting down with tha yoof) My kids hate me.......ha ha ha ha!

  5. Elbow brilliant - also loved Primal Scream. Tonight I'm doing my Beyonce 'turn' - kids you've been warned!

  6. saints preserve us.......shake yer booty lady!
    Hope you've oiled your joints x

    (Primal Scream were bloody brilliant)

  7. i agree so def going in 2013 and I think you should come too!