Monday, 27 June 2011

lumps + bumps = scared

Last week was so tiring. I found another lump in my breast and have been beside myself with worry. So on tuesday I had a consultation and an ultrasound scan.
They were 'convinced' it was a large oedema, which was probably caused by radiotherapy. However, 2 days later they called back having reviewed the scan. They're keeping an eye on it for a week as it's in a new place.
Mmmmmmmm is this the same eye they kept on me for 4 years and I still got cancer??????
It's extremely painful and very tender.
OUCH!!!! I've also done my back in and as I stumbled into the room she remarked on it. So on wednesday I've got to go for a bone scan and MRI. Apparently I'll be radioactive, so if you see a glow it'll be me, the readybrek kid!
All of this has left me tearful and scared.
All I want to do is move on and get on with life..............

This Bloody disease sucks!


  1. Fingers crossed it turns out to be innocent - will be thinking of you.

  2. Me too - I'll keep everything crossed for you. Sx

  3. Too right cancer SUCKS! I really, really hope that it's nothing serious and they can help with the pain. Try and rest up, hun (though I know that's virtually impossible with young children). Thinking of you lots. W xxxxx

  4. Oh that really sucks Mrs C, it's about time you had some luck. Will be thinking of you x

  5. Im not surprised you have felt tearful Mrs C. Keep your chin up, i have my fingers and toes crossed for you that everything will be okay. lots of love xx

  6. Hi there, sucks to read your news! I cant imagine how awful it must be to have this hanging over you. I will most certainly be crossing my fingers (and everyting else)for you. Bxx

  7. i've sent you a rather long winded email xxxx

  8. I'm so sorry to hear your news, you must be beside yourself with worry, I hope so much for you that everything will be ok. Lots of love and all my best, luckiest wishes, I send to you,
    Sophie x

  9. keep positive and I'll be crossing my fingers that its good news xx

  10. Stay positive and strong, I've just had my radioactive injection in my boob this morning ready for my op at 3, I said to Chris " I best not fart I might blow up!!" Youre right about keeping your sense of humour. Sending lots of love and positive vibes for the right result xxxx

  11. it absolutely sucks...sending you BIG LOVE Cxxx

  12. Dear Mrs C. Just read your news...I am so sorry for you. I can imagine that you are scared.

    Wanted to send you (but I don't have your e-mail adress) the pdf of my special paper wishboats. I designed them last year for the Breast Cancer magazine in the Netherlands called Pink Ribbon Magazine. It are boats of love and hope for all people that are/were in your situation.

    Just contact me if you feel like a little distraction (folding)... I would love to send them to you!

    Stay strong and positive!

  13. Hi everyone,
    Thank you for your kind words of support, it means such a lot.
    It's a crappy disease but I'm trying to stay positive

  14. fuckity fuck fuck......i'm sending you positive healing vibes and swear words, as it happens from down under. along with a bug bear hug.
    hope it gets better soon and it is just a bump rather than a lump!!!
    love you xxxx