Friday, 10 June 2011

school trip

i'm picking up my large-haired eldest tonight from his
week-long school trip to France and Belgium.
They were visiting the trenches and cemeteries of northern France and
attending the Last Post Ceremony at Menin Gate.
The highlight of their trip, however, has to be the
chocolate shop visit and the theme park.
He's going to be VERY tired.................
It's been too quiet in the house all week.
I wonder if he's changed his clothes or had a shower?????


  1. Joe did the exact same trip (including chocolate shop!) at the end of May. Came back to Blighty with 2 enormous carrier bags of choc and a couple of postcards for his project - sacre bleu!!! Hope your fella isn't too cream-crackered (but I suspect he might be)
    Love to all,
    W and famille x

  2. I suspect that every stitch of clothing will have been worn, so you're in for a big pile of washing! School trips are prolonged fashion parades, aren't they? That's what my daughter seems to think anyway!

  3. hope he remembered your pressie :-) x

  4. I hope he comes back a proper francophone and francophile!!! Vive la France!!!