Wednesday, 1 September 2010

whitby lucky duck

Deb and Louise gave me this little glass duck as a gift from the Whitby Lucky Duck shop. I'll be rubbing his beak and hoping a little luck will finally come my way. Thank you ladies, he's very sweet xx


  1. Fantastic! Hope the little fella brings some good tidings. The girls each have one bought by Grandma in their 'birth month colour'. I didn't know such colours existed. What kind of parent am I?

  2. Glad to see the institution that is the Whitby Lucky Duck shop is still going strong (and still using the same packaging by the looks of it). Nice to know that some things in life can stay constant.
    I'm a sapphire apparently but can't recall a great deal of luck coming my way!!

  3. Think we'll visit it when we go up in october. Wonder if those 2 old ladies and that old-fashioned sweetie shop in Robin Hoods Bay are still there? Ooooh a quarter of acid drops....and a bag of sherbet pips!