Thursday, 2 September 2010

Turn the radio off..........

For nearly four weeks I've been visiting my exclusive little spa at Mount Vernon for my tanning sessions and today was my last one. I've made so many friends during this time. We've shared many stories and absorbed each others lives whilst sitting in our little waiting room (LA8) and we've laughed and cried. I hope we'll stay in touch and that one day soon we can look back at all of this and say it was just a little blip. Thanks Carole, Sue, Phylis, Jim, Jo, Dorothy, Paloma, Paula, Callum and anyone I've missed, you've helped make this part of the treatment bearable, thanks for being my radio buddies.

The final compilation of bad taste music to be fried to........

I feel extremely sore and very tired (and will probably feel the effects for 4-6 weeks). I have several scans and appointments scheduled over the next few weeks and I'm absolutely dreading them. I need to rest and get my energy back as Mrs Cheese misses her old life and can't wait to get back to it.


  1. Please Mrs Cheese - resist all temptation to rush into 'normality'. You've been through a hell of a lot since Christmas and you need to pace yourself. Lots of rest, cups o'tea and gentle outings. xx

  2. Glad to see that phase over with ....let sir Cheese give you all the love, deserve..Thinking of you all still.


  3. wise words Mr Cheese, listen to the man Mrs Cheese........little steps.

    love the cd though, such bad taste.....what are you like?!?!?

    sending lots of loves you way xxxx

  4. Ok, am going to put my feet up and return to daytime tv land. Am hurting quite a bit so will be grateful for the rest x

    Dave - Where are you? Are you in Spain? Love to all, x
    Katy - Still waiting for your bad taste songs, can't believe you haven't contributed!!!!! x