Thursday, 30 September 2010


Today I get a CT scan at Mount Vernon. So nervous!!!!! Let's hope there's nothing sinister hiding in there and it's all tickety boo! I then have an oncology appointment on Tuesday, where I will be asking hundreds of questions. My sister is having the test for the BRCA 1 gene and the likelihood is that we both carry it (looking at our family history). This will further add to my anxieties as I will have to think long and hard about preventative surgery. Again it's a stressful time (not helped by a hideous cold) but as ever I'm trying to remain positive.
3 days out without headgear now, that's a milestone in itself!


  1. Good luck!
    Puts all my little niggles into perspective!
    Stay positive mrs xxxxx

  2. God it's a long journey isn't it? You've ticked all the boxes Sweetie, keep the energy up. Let us know when you here the resuls. Lots of love.

  3. Oh my lovely, you have so much to deal with and you're doing such a good job. So pleased the hairs on the way back, everything else will come right too. Fingers crossed for your results, lots of love to you, my dear. Xxxx

  4. Thinking of you Mrs C....... good luck for tomorrow. xxx