Monday, 27 September 2010

Happy anniversary Mr Cheese ♥
Apparently 14 years is celebrated by the giving of ivory. I couldn't wrap the large grey wrinkly thing with the long trumpety nose as I didn't have enough wrapping paper......soz ♥


  1. Hello Nerys, how simply delicious to see you yesterday. When are we meeting next? I want to play at making weird jewellery with you and Natalie. I'm sorry you don't believe me that I'm a rubbish cook, but you must come round for pancakes one day ;) lol. Your blog is beautiful. I only managed to get on to it with the help of my secretary who is typing this ie. Gab. (me) More soon, I hope you didn't get too wet today. I did!

    Big hugs, see you soon.


  2. Hooray for 11 year old secretaries (thanks Gab). Great to see you too. Thanks for the cake and chat, it was just lovely.
    Jewellery making at mine, Natalie can supply the cakes (again).
    Lots of love xxxx