Wednesday, 2 June 2010

glad to be home

I was discharged from hospital last night after an extended stay in ward 11 at Mount Vernon hospital. After my chemo on Monday I had terrible pains in my body but reassured myself that it was to be expected with the first treatment of taxitere (I'd read all the leaflets & heard the ladies in the waiting room recall their own personal, terrifying ordeals). However, when Saturday came and I felt worse, I knew it was perhaps a little more serious. I was admitted and diagnosed with neutropenia. This is where your white blood cells are too low and therefore you are prone to infection. I had picked up a 'flu' type virus and it had attacked my weak and fragile immune system. I was a crying heap on the bed. Every bone in my body hurt and I didn't know what to do with myself. I was given IV fluids, antibiotics, morphine and machines that go 'bing'. All this must have been very scary for Mr Cheese as he felt totally helpless, watching me sob that I couldn't take anymore. I couldn't have got through it all without him at my side. Thank you P ♥
It was a happy coincidence that my lovely cheeselets were whisked away to London town for the weekend by their wonderful auntie and uncle. They spent a great weekend being spoilt rotten by two aunts, two uncles and dear old granddad, sharing the booty with their two lovely cousins. They had a fab time and they haven't let any secrets out auntie L.............xxxxxx
Once again my admiration for nursing staff has reached an all-time high. What an amazing band of polite, professional, funny and warm people. They were just fantastic, thank you everyone.
Thank you all my dear friends for your lovely messages over the weekend. You helped cheer me up through a very tough few days xx
I'm glad to be home and I never want to have to go through that agony again.........


  1. So so glad you're home. Rest and take great care of yourself, and things can only get better. Huge love and hugs from all of us.xxxx

  2. Really pleased you are home (just in time for the sunshine!). I hope you get away for a well earned few days by the sea. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. So sorry to hear you had such a hardtime.Feel free to wear a facemask (a la japonese) when we come for MoW deliveries, just to make sure we don't bring any nasties...LoL xxxxxxxxx

  4. What happens in the Travelodge, stays in the Travelodge....
    Hope you feel better soon my lovely xx

  5. A gentle weekend in Rye, with my lovely family in the sunshine helped make things better. Need to steer clear of all bugs/sniffles and colds for the next month or so as I REALLY don't want to go through that pain again.

  6. Dearest Nerys, hope you are feeling much, much better after that horrid virus - thinking of you and sending virtual hugs my lovely xxxxxxxxxx