Thursday, 1 April 2010

april fool

It's always a race in our house to 'pinch, punch, first of the month', followed by the phrase 'bagsy no returns'. This last statement ensures you don't get pinch-punched back. Our large haired eldest turned to me this morning with a concerned look and said, "Mum your face has gone blue". Well with my track record at the moment, I ran towards the bathroom mirror...........Doh! Why, I oughta! Pesky kids.

Ps he did fall for the 'humpbacked whale spotted in Tring reservoir' though. Ha ha ha ha!


  1. I managed to pinch punch katys leg as she was climbing down from the top bunk in our presidential suite (much to her disgust). She's so eager she p-p'd me a day too early and had to do the washing-up as a forfeit >:-)


    ps- we haven't even seen a whale here yet, so you're really lucky to have glimpsed one in the home counties ;-)

  2. Hi T&K glad that the P-P tradition is still holding strong in Canada. We're just off up to the woods to see if we can bag us a tiger.

    Happy easter guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxx