Wednesday, 31 March 2010

hair today.............

Today was the day I've been dreading........It has started falling out. My ears pricked up at the first chemo session when eavesdropping on a couple of ladies who were on their second trip. They both said that they had started to molt on the 3rd week. I have therefore let the days pass between hair washes as I've wanted to delay this moment. This morning, however, I HAD to do something about my lank, lifeless mop. I'm trying not to get too alarmed but it is still quite distressing to see more than the usual cluster swim toward the plug-hole. Eyebrows/lashes next? Trying not to cry!!!!


  1. Big hug. Just keep thinking that this horrible bit has to happen to make you better. One day at a time......
    Lots of love and positive vibes winging their way to you xxx

  2. be positive my love. hats are soooo in this spring...;-)

  3. oh my lovely, how about a hair net! you know those hair thieves they come in the night!!!! it will grow back, and you get to sport your chocolate new hair which will never need the colouring stick at the temples.
    am i helping? love you xxxxx

  4. Thanks for all your support and lovely messages. I'm crying like a baby today. It's all gotten too much! Sobbing over the slightest thing and can't pull myself out of the trench. Can't even buy a baby hairbrush as Berko doesn't seem to sell them. All a bit too much, pass the tissues xxxxx

  5. I'm hoping a little trip to London might help to cheer you up a bit tomorrow Mrs C. I wish I could take all this nastiness away for you. You are doing so well. We all love you. xxx