Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hello, my name is Mrs Cheese..........

.........And I am an OLYMPAHOLIC!
From the comfort of my sitting room I cannot stop 
watching the Olympics.
I one day hope for Jessica's six pack but fear I will have 
to settle for gold in sofalympics!
Here are some love 'lympic linens for your kitchen 
from anthropologie.

Run and get them............


  1. Hello. I'm Jen. I'm an Olympaholic too. And it's funny because I was so fed up of all the hype before hand that I thought I wouldn't watch any of it! But I'm loving it. Nice linens. x

  2. I just found you today and you mad me smile when I needed a smile so bad, thank you for that Mrs Cheese, lol gosh I love that name!!!!

  3. Me too! I feel bereft now it has finished. Looking forward to the Paras.
    Hope you're feeling better now? M x

  4. lovin' the linens! I too was a sofalympian - and I cried...a lot! x