Wednesday, 13 June 2012

scarborough fair

Thought I'd share with you some photos from our little 
trip to Scarborough 
(or Scarbella as it has become known to us Cheese's)
We stayed in a beautiful, huge house,
 with a decor straight out of the 70's
(I dropped my glasses on the floor at one point & 
couldn't see them on the pattern.... ) 
Every room had clashing carpets and wallpaper - retro in every way.  It had a wood paneled dining room with a ticking mantel clock, tick tock, tick, tock, it was Miss Scarlet with the spanner!
We had fun, a bit of sun, money wasters, chips, bracing sea air, open-top bus rides, ice cream and the ever so fantastic Naval Battle in Peasholm Park (all so wonderfully british and eccentric).

more photos to follow


  1. Well I found you via another blog, having a trawl through them as I am marooned in my room upstairs with carpet fitters in the hall, and on the stairs. I LOVE your description of the place where you stayed, isn't that SO British? And having spent time living in East Yorkshire, I do know about the Naval Battle and chips on the sea front! Nothing better.... and again, terribly British. And what's wrong with that I ask myself?
    I also read your previous post.... isn't a sense of humour so important at certain times. Having health issues myself I do understand how you really need to be able to laugh at yourself and at life in general, otherwise you'd go mad.
    Keep smiling, if you can.

  2. Hi again!
    Thanks for the comment on my book blog. I have also started another one, to do with the other passions in my life, but can't decide whether to carry on or not. Easy to get dispirited when nobody reads it! There again, it has only been there a few days and I haven't been putting myself about on other blogs so how are people to know it's there?