Monday, 28 May 2012

M&S Royal Jubilee treats

It's amazing how a little bit of sun just lifts the 
spirits isn't it?
There were lots of 'pink bits' on the train and tube 
this morning.....ow!
Hope it's sunny next week too for the Jubilee celebrations.
These are all on my shopping list from M&S


  1. yup saw these too, they are almost too good to open! Enjoy.

  2. These look yummy - great packaging too - x

  3. It's all so festive! Not to mention yummy :)

  4. Oh I love all the M&S packaging, I be it's inspired by M. SASEK I love all his books especially this is London! My kids love the chocolate tea cakes from the M&S Jubilee stuff!
    I have pink freckly bits too! even with factor 30 on! I just love the sun!
    Hope you're enjoying the sunshine too and feeling good, Lisax

  5. Yes, some of these items tempted me too, the only problem is one is not enough....*must not buy treats unless sharing, guaranteeing I only indulge in one treat! d xxx