Monday, 16 April 2012


My large-haired eldest has been suffering with a hideous cough for the last 4 weeks.
On thursday, however, things took a terrible turn for the worse.
He started choking.  
It was so terrifying. 
We ended up in A&E and were told that he had an infection and possibly a cyst on his larynx.
The poor boy has 2 inhalers, anti-histamine and an asthma drug daily and also carries an epi-pen.
This week he'll be off school.  
Can't play football and will be in hospital for horrid procedure.  
Every time he coughs I freeze and wait for him to breathe.
All doesn't seem fair!

I'll be filling my worry time looking for nice things on the interweb as a distraction!


  1. Not fair indeed ... oh, I feel for you. I do hope he is better soon. With an asthmatic boy myself I know how worrying it can be when they have any kind of cold or chest infection. Thinking of you and sending a big hug. Take care. M x

  2. Oh that sounds terrible, so stressful for all of you. It isn't fair it's really s***y. I hope he is better soon and I hope you are ok : )

  3. Oh no! Poor Long Haired Eldest :-( And poor you. Like you haven't got enough worries :-(
    Sending lots of big hugs. If you lived nearer I would be calling round with chocolate and wine x

  4. Hello Mrs cheese..couldn't find your email re kilner jars....was going to say I would keep one back for you, but didn't want the whole of twitterverse and their granny to want one too!!
    My son had asthma it is the most scary thing...he has grown out of it now....I hope that long haired eldest is on the mend soon x
    Can you email me if you'd like one and I will give you prices...have a good day take care xx

  5. Oh dear that sounds so scary. My son had something similar and nearly collapsed at school just before Easter - he had a chest infection and even with the past three weeks off school he still has the cough - if only slightly better. There are some real nasties going around at the moment.

    Hope he fees better soon.

    Nina x