Saturday, 11 February 2012

friday bloody friday!

What a blummin' day that was!!!

It started with a broken boiler and no heating with temperatures in the minus bracket and thick snow outside!  Great timing!  Mr Plumber arrived with an aroma of a thousand B&Hs.  He didn't have the 'part' but would pop back after 4 to fix us.

I joined Mrs G and Ivy the whippet for a trot in the snow.  It was a lovely trudge made all the better because the golfers were tucked up in their clubhouse.  I decided to throw a stick for Ivy and a second later she let out an ear-piercing scream; the stick was stuck in her throat.  I keep getting flashbacks......there was a lot of blood, an awful lot.  I tried to open her jaws but she was terrified and bit through my finger and chomped at another.  The poor thing was choking and we were in the middle of nowhere.  Phone signals were intermittent and we were very worried. Together we managed to carry her shaking little body to the car.  The vet rushed her through and she had an emergency operation to remove the stick.  I promptly broke down and handed my bleeding hand over to the vet.  She washed my paw and bandaged me up with what looked like a 'Beano' bandage.  She apologised for the dressing but she was only used to dressing cats and dogs not crying women.

We then headed for a two hour stretch at the A&E.  Started feeling very shaky so our lunch was a twix and a twirl from the vending machine (luxury!)  The lovely young nurse bathed my paw and dunked it iodine which made me stick to the ceiling! HELL FIRE! She told us I was not the first dog bite she'd dressed that day.  Apparently a young chap had come in with a dog bite on his old chap, WHAT THE????? Really, WHAT THE???  He must have eaten the ceiling tiles after his iodine bath.  I left with a bucket of antibiotics, a sling and a tetanus, diptheria and polio jab.

Back to the vet to pick up a VERY sad looking little velveteen dog.  She went to her bed and whimpered.  Poor poor little thing.  She had to have her tongue stitched up and she too has a bucket of antibiotics to take and the vet gave her the 5inch stick back as a little trophy.  I'm so sorry my little paddy-pawed friend.  I hope you soon feel better and we can go once more a-trudging in the snow xx 

An expensive day all round really, a £320 vet bill and £300 for a new boiler part! 


  1. I was reading this and thinking..Oh no....oh No,,,...OH NO poor poor woofer. you must of been so scared. I hope that she will be better soon. and that your finger mends quickly. xx

  2. OMG what a blummin' day that was!!!
    Hope you and the doggy are both on the mend and your house is toastie warm xxxxxx

  3. BUDDY ELL! What a day! love to you very brave darlings!x

  4. OH my woolly word just read this, just a bit of drama!! yes that is enough for now I am sure hope all are mending now x x x

  5. Bloody ell, you'll think twice before casually throwing a stick again! yikes! and that is a comedy sized bandage! xx

  6. Whew, hope you are both fully recovered now ... although I must own up to suppressing a little chuckle (I just love the way you wrote this!) M x