Wednesday, 1 February 2012

fffffffirst of fffffebruary.......

and it's fffffffffreezing!

Slippers - check, hot water bottle - check, hot laptop - check, 
hot lap - check, 3rd cup of tea - check.....
now need to work work work!

Here's a beautiful vintage Bjorn Wiinblad 'February' plaque 
(on my wishlist)

Thanks Chris Evans for playing Dean Martin this morning and getting me motivated.


  1. that plate is so great!

    and you certainly know how to keep warm ; )

    greetings from Norway

  2. Lovely plate. I'm on my lunch hour in a warm office and not looking forward to going home to a cold house with no central heating and an unlit woodburner. Chopping kindling wood with the axe will soon warm me up though! M x

  3. I love Bjorn know there's a whole set of them don't you!

  4. I have a couple of little wiinblad cups but alas I don't have a wall big enough to house a full set of platters........ *sniffs* x

  5. I heart these so much, they are always knocking around brighton x

    1. next time you see some knocking around can you call mrs cheese please? Love his stuff so much x

  6. Oh my, I love this find, Thanks for sharing! Dx