Friday, 20 January 2012


Well what a week!
Fluffy youngest had braces fitted last week.  What a palaver!
She has a mouth full of ulcers, is not eating properly  
(she's going to fall down the gap in the floorboards) 
and is thoroughly, massively, hugely miserable.
Large-haired eldest had a hospital consultation to discuss
his allergy blood test results.
She took a deep breath and said he is NEVER to eat nuts!
(average person tests 0.25 allergic to hazelnuts.....he tested a MASSIVE 45.9)
He's gutted as he's never going to have a nutella-fest ever again!

Dr's appointment for me today......whoop whoop!

x  Happy friday lovely peeps (let's hope it doesn't rain)  x


  1. Good luck today, lovely lady!

  2. Good luck today.....xx
    My eldest had braces, just before we went to eygpt for 2 weeks, got there and they snapped, dangerous protruding wire escaping from mouth, ulcers, not eating, fed up.!!! jolly holiday :-) P.s they settle down he has lovely teeth now, so worth it in the end xx

  3. noooooooooooooo no nutella! I always think "it never rains but it pours" Wishing you well with your appointment, sounds like youve had more than enough hospital/dentist visits of late! Take Care lovely x

  4. Ulcers and no nutella? booooo!
    Hope your appointment has a better outcome :-) xx

  5. Hope appointment at the hozi went fabulously well, big hugs all round for fluffy hairy peeps:)

  6. Oh I hope that the appt goes well. Thinking of you xx