Thursday, 17 November 2011


Sorry for lack of bloggy activity of late.
Life is a little hectic.
Normal service will resume shortly.
Thank you all for your lovely messages of support and kind thoughts.
I love this little blogland we've found ourselves in

Here's my favourite birthday card...........
it just makes me laugh and laugh!


  1. Made me laugh too! Take care, Dx

  2. Fantastic card: where is it from, I love it [it appeals to my northern sense of humour!]

  3. By the 'ek! hope life isn't too chaotic at the moment, lovely. Thank you for the lovely card. Had a very quiet run-of-the-mill birthday as D in Amsterdam for couple of days (having a smoke and a pancake, no doubt!!), so had to toast myself with a glass of Prosecco or 3, whilst the boys raised a glass of squash.

    Much love & hope to get together soon xxx

  4. Absolutely wonderful! It made me laugh even more because it was sooooo slow to load due to my computer being on go slow. My mind was racing ahead trying to work out what the punch line was to be - I hadn't envisaged that one, that's for sure!