Friday, 7 October 2011

stitching with julie arkell

Whilst sitting in a dark hole earlier this year just after my dear mum passed away,
I booked a course with the lovely julie arkell at west dean college,
and last weekend i attended the
'objects of curiosity, making, patching, stitching and darning'.
It was so relaxing and creative!
After a lovely dinner we sewed till 10 o'clock making a fabric daisy.
The following morning we were eager to get stitching and made a buttercup, heartease, ragwort and a poppy.
There was deep concentration, laughter, coffee and biscuits, the apple fair, stitching, fabric envy, lunch, more apples, chat, lost needles, a heatwave, sewing, darning, rifling through a vintage suitcase of Julie's precious fabrics and apples!

It was a wonderful weekend, thank you Julie for your patience
and immense creativity, thank you fellow stitchers for making me
laugh and sharing what was a special weekend.

And a BIG thank you to lovely Karin for a comfy bed, glass of
wine and a catch up too x

(oops I seem to have picked up a course brochure and Julie has several
more weekends coming up.......)


  1. So pleased that Mrs. Cheese had the best of times. x

  2. Always a pleasure to visit you here on your blog. Today has been no exception: from your post re Steve Jobs, the beautiful bowls prior to it, the unbelievably ingenious salt pots, and then on to this post........... all lovely to read. Your photos of what you made are just super and it looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  3. It all looks and sounds wonderful and such a tonic:)x

  4. It was lovely to meet you on this apple-y weekend...those lost needles were mine. So glad you see more of these in your future, I hope to see you (and Julie) again next year!

  5. Anytime Mrs Cheese. Always a pleasure. kx

    ps my word verification was boosyslag!!

  6. It was just SO lovely!
    A WHOLE weekend sewing (with Julie Arkell) and chatting and drinking tea, what more could you ask for?

    Julia - see you next time. ps I found some of your pins, I seem to have nicked them......sorry x
    Karin - I love the word verification, ha ha x

  7. I love Julie Arkells work what a lovely weekend you have been having.Beautiful work!

  8. Her work looks amazing, oh the bliss of a weekend of sewing, I need that too! Your work looking brilliant too, how inspiring! x

  9. Hi lovely girl, didn't we have fun?!! Julia gave me your blog's great. I have wonderful photos of you and Julie. Will try to send them over soon.
    lots of love xx

  10. Hi Trina
    Wasn't it just lovely?
    Would love to do another weekend with Julie