Tuesday, 25 October 2011

out and about - saltburn

we went up to see Mr Cheese's parents at the weekend
and had a stroll on the beach at Saltburn.
There were lots of brave souls windsurfing (brrrr!)
We took the cliff lift up to the top, as it's quite a steep climb
and we were feeling flush.
It was a crisp, sunny, autumnal day and the sea air was wonderful.
We ventured on to Whitby and had fish & chips for lunch
(well it's rude not to!)


  1. Saltburn looks lovely....x
    Thanks for your comment, defo the bottle by the way!

  2. Don't big lungfuls of salty fresh, sea air make you feel good ... and in desperate need of salty fish 'n' chips slathered in vinegar! M x

  3. It looks like a gorgeous spot :)

  4. hey thats exactly where we are heading this weekend ha funny to think I will be standing where you stood :) had thought it would be cold hmm will pack me thermals!! X