Friday, 28 October 2011

It's friday!

Well half term is nearly over and the cheeselets are still 
having far too much fun 
(and not a drop of homework has been done......mmmmm).
At one point yesterday I had SEVEN kidlets running amok armed with an ipad filming themselves (all apparently downloaded onto youtube - great as there were piles of ironing, dirty washing and the remainders of a week's worth of kid clutter around the house, well that won't win me any interior design points will it!

Today my large-haired eldest has his second round of allergy testing.  The first lot alarmed his consultant as he tested positively high for 12 out the 14 he had.  Today he has 15 more, including lots of nuts, fish and shellfish.  Poor wee thing.
So here's a picture of something 
to cheer us up a very foggy autumnal day.
Happy friday lovely peeps

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  1. Sounds like the children are having fun, and that's as it should be - holidays are for fun and relaxation, not loads of homework! (And me a teacher...) Good luck for the allergy testing. At least once it's all identified the doctors will be able to sort out how to move forward with it.