Tuesday, 20 September 2011

pub quiz night at the Lamb with The Lambettes

What can I say?
After a proper tasty curry and a pint of lager it was time for our brand new team to sit poised with biro at the ready to take on the seasoned pub-quizzers.


We had decided on the 'Lambettes' after much debate (we had toyed with 'Barlow's Bitches' (Gary NOT Ken), 'The Tenna Ladies', 'The Silence of the Lamb' and 'Is-it-hot-in-here-or-is-it-just-me'). However, we should have called ourselves 'The Sopping Wets' after accidently spilling 2 glasses of wine and a pint of lager over ourselves (Mrs Littler had to go home and change as she couldn't sit in wet pants)!
Eeeeee what an evening. The picture round was by far the hardest I've ever come across (see evidence above). Bands from the 90's. What the f***! We gave it our best shot and even managed to name Chumbawumba and Hanson (plucked from nowhere). We handed our shredded, booze-soaked answers to the smug team behind us and sat and giggled like a bunch of teenagers high on Wikked!
We came a very respectful 6th (out of 8), and we beat the smugs next door by 2 points (ha ha).
So next month we'll be better prepared and don our pac-a-macs and behave like the sensible middle-aged mothers that we are...........yeah right!

Answers please for the above.

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  1. You do make me laugh....sounds like fun, except for wet knickers..... 90's music????!!! I was up to my neck in baby sick and nappies in the 90's , I would of come last :-0

  2. Great post, sounds like a brilliant night! No idea on the photo, very annoying as they look like I should recognise them!

  3. I am completely rubbish at pub quizzes, and have now clue as to the photo! Em x

  4. Sorry Mrs Cheese, you were too late to the party...hope you didn't dress up specially!, Knitting Nelly won! xx I'm sure I'll do another one.... one day, I love old buttons too xx

  5. I'll put you out of your misery..........

    It's Jesus Jones!

    Mmmmmmmm they slipped by without me noticing too