Saturday, 17 September 2011

places I'd rather be.........#1

 Here would do nicely thank you!

(not Sports Direct - land of nylon, with large-haired eldest 
and lovely godson in search of football boots, gum shields, 
shin pads and shiny footy tops).


  1. yes please! and well sports direct is the opposite! hope you got out quick without too much stress! xx

  2. Well Mrs G and I survived the torture of Sports Direct Watford. The smell of plastic, testosterone, rubber and nylon almost knocked us out on entrance!!!!
    Two warm under garments, a gum-shield, a shoe bag, a draw-string bag and a footy top later we were outta there (but not before the alarms went off and large-haired eldest's top was taken back to be de-security tagged!)
    Now lead me to the nice coffee shop and a mooch in a lovely 'ladies' shop..........dream!

  3. Perfect place to escape! Dawn x

  4. I hear you sister! Your cat abuse story made me laugh! I tried to do something like that with my cats Mimi Tilly when I was growing up but they wouldn't have any of it. Mimi would let you wrap her in a blanket and carry her round like a baby but no hats, dresses or prams... I was gutted! xx