Monday, 5 September 2011

holiday memories

I won't bore you stupid with all the photos but here are a 
few I'd like to share. 
Normal bloggy stuff will resume once kiddos are back at school 
and the house has been scrubbed clean and I fill a skip with the gatherings of their summer trips 
(enough plastic tut to start a new Woolies).

ps those swan boats look innocent enough but blimey
did my wee leggies hurt after pedaling around a few times!!


  1. Lovely Photos, the fantastic sandcastles!

  2. Great photos - though I have to say the swans look a bit sinister (I guess they know what they do to human leg muscles!)

  3. Oooo you are one clever lady with a camera :) makes me want to buy stripey fabric x

  4. My legs were like jelly after pedaling that swan and the real swans were a bit grumpy, one even spat at us! Charming!
    I'd love nothing better than taking photos all day, I love it but the kids hate it. I'm always taking photos and they think it's boring......

  5. love yr photos :-)
    (but no shot of the crazy golf? oh I do love a game of crazy golf!)

  6. Glad you had a lovely holiday ... super photos. M x