Thursday, 15 September 2011

funny little notes

My fluffy youngest has a note writing hobby.
We find them everywhere (stuck to the fridge, on the bedroom door,
by the kettle and under my nose when I'm on the phone).
I've started saving them as they really make me smile.
This is the latest one which had me in hysterics.
Her piano teacher isn't that formidable!


  1. what a special habit!!! of course you should keep them! this is so genious : )

  2. Cute! I completely agree with her about clowns, though I love spiders (not like I'd keep them, just that I catch them and escort them out of the house for their own safety) and never had piano lessons...

  3. Well she's going to be REALLY scared tonight about her piano lesson because she hasn't practiced!

  4. That's brilliant. When I was a student I lived with a friend who would stick speech bubbles to things around the house that made her laugh, so that household appliances and clothes drying on radiators would have conversations. I used to come home and cry laughing at things her socks had said to my undercrackers!