Wednesday, 24 August 2011

something for your christmas list?

Why not ask the love of your life for this?

And then when you've bashed him over the head with it,
treat yourself to some of this.......!

(taken from my lovely stash of 1940's&50's Picture Posts)


  1. you could have some gin to make you want to hoover! get pics. xx

  2. No amount of gin would make me want to hoover.........
    but I think I should practice drinking it x

  3. brilliant...that is possibly one of the worst plays on words ive read in an advert "and a hoover new year"...what?? Hope you don't mind but ive nominated you for a "versatile blogger" award (I'm not 100% what its all about...but hey!)Ive linked to your blog from mine, you can read the blurb on me latest post, cheers bird x