Thursday, 18 August 2011

guilty pleasures - liza tarbuck (on radio 2)

PLEASE PLEASE give Liza Tarbuck her own show,
every day, not just for holiday cover, pretty please

Yep I think she's fab!
radio 2
image via
liverpool echo


  1. I agree! I like Simon Mayo in that slot, but would like Liza on too, at a different time. She makes me snigger - especially when people take her more seriously than they should...

  2. We were only saying the same thing this evening. She is fab. and so interesting. X

  3. Sounds great will have to have a listen I love a good laff!x

  4. Love her too, she's very quick. Great show - should be a permanent fixture! (she was brilliant with Johnny Vaughan on Big Breakfast as well)

  5. I too like Simon Mayo, but Liza is just so funny.
    Is that it now? Who's she covering for next?

  6. I couldn't agree with you more. She is in some new soap opera, so looks like her time is taken up now :-((((