Wednesday, 17 August 2011

etsy love - mr finch

mr finch creates the most beautiful creatures, insects and
beasts out of old fabric treasures.

'I love to hunt for things for my work...the lost, found and forgotten
all have places in what I make'.

One of his exquisite moths adorns my wall and I'm sure it won't
be long till he finds a friend to flutter alongside........

mr finch - etsy


  1. Wow these are fantastic-especially the butterfly!
    I have just set up a shop on Etsy (nothing in it yet though) do you have a shop on there? xx

  2. Ooh fab work lady.
    No I don't have a shop but I've toyed with the
    idea. Was it easy to set up?
    I look forward to seeing your lovely things

  3. These are brill... am going to show them to my new year 7 in September to inspire them! xx

  4. i do think they are lovely, but i am affraid my bug phobia just doesn't allow me to look at them for long. ! x

  5. Ah! thanks for blogging about me!
    Its very kind of you and really appreciated.
    Best wishes.
    Mister Finch

  6. I have seen this guy's work before. Original and very clever. Lucky you to have one. M x

  7. They are just wonderful and
    I'm adding another to my wish list.......