Wednesday, 6 July 2011

take that and..........

Can you hear me Wemberrrrrrrley?
What a tip top take thatty concert that was!
A bottle of cava and haribos for supper and a brilliant sing-a-long and arm wave to the lovely boys of TT.
Many a screaming menopausal lady (and the odd bewildered hubby) sang, chanted and wept along to the hits of our twenties and thirties.
We had fabulous seats (thanks Michelle) and a night out to remember for a long time. Thanks Lizzie, Debbie and Michelle,
it was just the tonic I needed
(Thanks for the tickets Jo G x)
ps the Howard and Jason dance-off was just AMAZING!


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  2. Hey Dave maybe you could come to the next one with us? Get your lighter out and hum along to the ballads! (I said ballads.........x)