Sunday, 3 July 2011

blogging hell

Is anyone else having problems with blogger?
I can't see my images, download any images or see anyone else's!
Am getting a tad frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B A H!


  1. Mine was a real pain yesterday, resulting in a horrible hotch-potch of a post with very messy visuals. Hope it gets sorted soon xx

  2. I too have had problems - try to download photos but it does zilch when I press 'Add Selected'. If I do it several times over, sometimes it works. I think one time I opened up in a different browser and had no problems. Don't know if this will help - it's a right royal pain! Good luck!

  3. Mine is ok at the mo....but a few weeks ago it was RUBBISH...someone told me to use a different browser - Camino - so I did and it worked.... back on Safari now cos they fixed whatever was up....maybe you could try it? x

  4. ok I threatened blogger with transferring it to TYPEPAD. I even got as far as importing the blog and before I pressed the panic button it had come back.........that was it's final warning!
    Thanks for your hints and tips x

  5. Have you tried visiting any other blogs? I can see everything on yours just fine.

    Here is a screen shot of
    Pop by my blog BloggedTips for Blogging Tips any time. I'm viewing your blog with Google Chrome.

  6. Hi Suzanne
    I'm off to visit your blog now hoping to find a way out of this HELL!
    I've viewed your screen-shot and whilst I appreciate that you can see the images, the photos on the Take That entry are completely distorted too!
    They are landscape and portrait shots but have been distorted and now seem 'square', it's the first time I've seen them...........WEIRD huh?????
    Please help!