Thursday, 16 June 2011

nee naw nee naw

I had to rush my large-haired eldest to the hospital with another asthma attack on tuesday night (his 3rd in the past month). Once again we found ourselves in the human soup waiting room of Urgent Care. This time we overheard a bloke telling his missus about life 'inside', another vest-wearing chap shouting about an overdose and a poor sobbing child who's mum had just been put in an ambulance and driven off with flashing lights.
He had a nebuliser and is back on steroids which make him very whizzy and twitchy. He's off school again today as he's still not great and is very tired.
He's got to come along to my hospital appointment with me today. I'm sure those nice nurses will make him feel welcome........
I've been flat-out with a big work project and all in all I'm knackered. If only mr sunshine was out, I'm sure that would help.
Think I need to sit down and book a holiday!


  1. I'm tired out just reading that! Get on holiday mrs, sunshine, feet up, glass of vino... make you all feel better :-)

  2. Oh pet, 'it never rains...' (quite literally!) Hope all goes well today at hospital and your wee fella makes a speedy recovery. If you can't get a holiday sorted maybe a big cup of hot choc will provide a little warmth on this glorious June day. :D

  3. Poor him, poor you. A holiday - or even a short break - sounds the ticket - get booking. Nearly the weekend! Abby x

  4. Hope it goes smoothly at the hospital and that your son is soon feeling 100% again.

  5. Oh poor you, that all does sound very pant's indeed. Holiday booking definitely in order. xx
    Hope all is ok today
    I don't know you, but send a hug anyway, as we all need those x

  6. Oh your poor man - hope's his breathing is more stable now. Our little man suffers from the same and has had several stays in hospital. I know how horribly frightening it is when they are fighting for breath. The pollution levels are very high this week and our little man has been coughing a lot. I feel for you re the neb and steroids - litle man can climb the walls after the nebuliser and stays high for days! Hope the weekend fares better for you all. M x

  7. He's gone back to school today.
    Picking him later to go to dr's for a check up.
    Might ask about allergy testing........
    Thanks for all your positive thoughts

  8. Hope all is well this weekend, I also hope you're going to book that holiday!xx

  9. Alternatively, book a facial with Mrs Meaney... Hope all well rested now. xxx
    PS Could have been an allergic reaction to his medallions...