Wednesday, 22 June 2011

loving radio 2day

I am loving Radio 2DAY today!
'A 12-hour on-air celebration of everything the UK's
favourite radio station has to offer'

What a great idea showcasing all the interesting mixes of programmes Radio 2 has to offer, including those late night slots which some of us never get to hear.
Obviously my love for Chris Evans shall continue but hell Janice Long's live show from the Maida Vale Studios was exceptional........ Ron Sexsmith and Chris Wood singing 'Dark Eyes' has to be the highlight of my day! And Imagine Village were FAB!
I also loved Julie Fowlis on
Bob Harris & Ken Bruce's slot.
(Not looking forward to kids coming home from school and demanding radio be
re-tuned to Capital.......arghhhhhhhh!)

Oooh can you do this again please Radio 2?
Radio 2 - 2DAY
roberts radio


  1. I was a radio 1 girl but then with age moved to Radio 2 (like the great Jo Whiley)... I can only get radio 1 on Sirus over here though, so I am forced to listen to the likes of Scott Mills when in the car, if I want a Blighty fix!! Take care. Lx

  2. It was great wasn't it. Missed chris E but Simon Mayo and Jamie C were good. Since watching a pretty sad programme about Ron Sexsmith's life I feel like I want to mother him ... although OBVIOUSLY I am nowhere near old enough to be his mother!!

  3. OBVIOUSLY you're only old enough to be his big sister. It was great listening to the radio all day . But as soon as the 'yoof' came back from school it was re-tuned to Capital.....grrr!
    Jools Holland's stint was fab too!
    Oh Laura I'm glad you can get a Blighty fix when you need to.