Tuesday, 24 May 2011

with a baa baa here and an oink oink there.....

as part of our annual charity day our packaging design team
decided to give it's time to Kentish Town City Farm in north London.

It was such a wonderful day and much mucking out and
laughter was had by all.
I am privileged (as are my children) to live in a very middle class town surrounded by all the countryside you can shake a hunter welly at. So giving a day to this lively, friendly city
farm where children from poor backgrounds are encouraged to
come and pet, muck out and enjoy a little bit of country in the
city was so enjoyable.
This farm runs on donations and is in dire need of volunteers and fundraising to maintain it's fantastic work in the community. As a team we are tackling the signage and posters and coming up with some little fun ideas for fundraising days.
If you would like to donate or you know of any local celebs who wouldn't mind joining in to raise the profile of this most
amazing little farm then please help.
kt city farm

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