Monday, 16 May 2011

say cheese

it's been a funny old day!
this did make me smile tho'
vic & albie


  1. they are so cute! I Love abit of cheese!

  2. Love these!

    Re your comment on my flip-flop blog post - What a wally eh? A friend of mine just emailed to remind me about the time she accidentally got in the swimming pool with her t-shirt still on (over her swimming costume) and then had to endure lunch with the rest of us in a bra and loose fitting cardi with no buttons on it :) that made me feel better too!
    (PS I now realise this will make no sense to anyone else reading the comments!)

  3. That is hilarious!!! So funny, poor girl, I hope you didn't laugh too much.
    I have also been reminded of the time when I had 'baby brain' and walked through town, bleary-eyed, pushing a double buggy with a bib velcro'd to my backside and NO-ONE told me.........
    oh the shame!