Tuesday, 10 May 2011

mr blue sky........

there's a big black cloud up there spoiling my view of the blue.....
but these are lovely!
pearson maron
robin and mould
eloise renouf
donna wilson
the angry weather


  1. I love the cloud trend it seems to be creeping in everywhere, but I agree, keep them out of the sky!

    Hope you are good, the necklace I bought from you is my summer favourite and has had lots of admirers
    Louise x

  2. What gorgeous, gorgeous things. I am now floating !!!!
    Many, many thanks for your lovely comment the other day. Our grandson is a joy. XXXX

  3. There's a monster cloud above us here in hertfordshire........shooooo!

  4. Ah what lovely things, makes the clouds that bit more bearable!

  5. They're all lovely. I'm liking the first one especially. Abby x

  6. Well that cloud certainly made himself known today.......think I might have to put the heating back on! Brrrrrr! xx