Thursday, 5 May 2011

look good...feel better

This week I was invited to attend the 'look good.....feel better' workshop at Mount Vernon Hospital. The course was designed to give some confidence back to women who have gone through chemotherapy and radiotherapy and have lost both hair and self-esteem. We were all given a goody bag full of the most amazing treats.......clarins foundation, clinique lipsticks, elizabeth arden 8 hour cream, lancome eye serum, perfume and lots of other lovely things.
I came
away with a full make-over (the kids didn't recognise me.........!)
and a little more of a spring in my step.

This is a charitable organisation based all over the country and is supported by 40 leading companies and brands. Thank you to all those who give to this incredible charity, it really does make a difference....
and I love my new lippy!!!

look good fe
el better


  1. What a fabulous goody bag, and such a good idea. Really pleased you had a nice day :)

  2. So glad it gave you a lift and reminded you that you are, and always were, a lovely, beautiful woman. Go out and knock them dead!! xxxx

  3. A brilliant idea - and it obviously had the desired effect of making you feel good about yourself. Great! Abby x

  4. Wowee! What a fab idea! And what fab goodies! (Although I do believe one of them has MY name on it)
    Slap it on mrs and knock 'em out xx

  5. What a great idea and totally deserved :)

  6. I had my hair trimmed yesterday and coloured in a bit too.........Eeeeee I feel like a new woman!
    This is such a wonderful idea isn't it? xx

  7. You Eeeee'd!! I've converted you!

  8. What a lovely idea and great goodies-glad its perked you up Mrs C!!xx

  9. Me again, just to say, thanks for your comment! So bizarre, you seeing my stuff in Hastings, bloggy world and real-life cross over! I hope you had a lovely day and enjoyed the charm of the old town :) x