Wednesday, 13 April 2011

wheezy cheesey

My poor large-haired eldest had an asthma attack last night.
We ended up in Hemel hospital and were in luck as there was only
one person in front of us.......he got seen very quickly and we were sent home with antibiotics for a chest and throat infection!
Just so she doesn't feel left out, Fluffy youngest screamed out from midnight with an earache......... a day of coughs and splutters and grumpiness today!!!!
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  1. boo you need chocolate and lucozade!! get well soon all X

  2. Poor Miss Cheese fainted in the Doctor's surgery. She's quite poorly with a horrid ear infection.......antibiotics a-go-go in our house!

  3. I sympathise, my daughter's astmatic, poor lamb hope she feels better soon, your youngest too, earaches are never fun :(
    Hope you all get a good nights kip tonight!xx

  4. Oh! I left my comment and then saw your one, that is bad, I wish her a very speedy recovery!xx