Thursday, 28 April 2011

what's your 'title'

whilst listening to chris evans' radio 2 show this morning
he gave out information on how to discover if you've 'made'
it to the Royal Wedding guest list.

Take your grandmother/father's name, add it to your first
name and finish with your first road/street name
then add
Lady or Lord to the beginning

ahem! Your Royal Highnesses may I present

Lady Rose Topsy Garden & her beloved
husband Lord Stanley Rip-Monkland...........

Made me chuckle this morning, thanks Mr Evans
radio 2 - chris evans


  1. I'm Lady Kathleen Baron Kingsley, how do you do {ooooh I sound really rather posh!;D}
    Hope you enjoy the wedding!xx

  2. But I'm married to Lord Stanley Rip-Monkland too! How can that be?
    From Lady Mary Gemini Pandora Coral

  3. Aha Lady Coral methinks you are married to Lord Stanley Rip-Monkland II.......