Monday, 25 April 2011


Tomorrow I go back to hospital to talk through why,
after all my operations and treatment, I'm still living
with pain in my breast. I would like nothing better
than to move on but with this hideous pain
I'm trapped. I live in fear that with every ache
the evil thing has gone somewhere else and spread it's
nastiness to another part of me and that is so
awful to live with.


  1. That must be indescribable torment for you, I hope with all my heart that tomorrow goes well, I'll be thinking of you xx

  2. Chin up. These are awful times, but every day is a step in the right direction. Hopefully they'll sort something out to help with your pain. You will beat this thing and start a new *better* life... because you will not take for granted what stretches out before you... thinking of you! Lx

  3. I really hope they can help you with the pain. Thinking of you x

  4. Fingers crossed for positivity tomorrow for you x

  5. Ah thanks for all your kind words and wishes.
    I will not be leaving that consultant's room until I have some answers and reassurances......xx

  6. Really, really hope all goes well at the hospital, hun. I remember Dad had pain in his back where the cancer had been. After tests, it was discovered that it was scar tissue left after radiotherapy. Maybe you are experiencing something similar. I know it must impossible not to worry, but hopefully the consultant can reassure you and help with pain management. Sending our love. Wx

  7. Lots of love winging its way to you. Hope all went well. xxx