Friday, 1 April 2011

not a good day

Not a good day yesterday.
Cried and cried.
Some days are just so hard!
Photos of my little cupboard of knicks and knacks


  1. Chin up... keep positive. Someone very close to me is a long term Aids survivor... they were diagnosed 18 years ago... when I ask them how they keep going, they tell me to stay positive. Don't let the negative creep in and take over. Go get yourself something to cheer yourself up... a little make-up or some glam shoes! Thinking of you. Lx

  2. Don't cry Mrs C! Be positive! It really does work!
    Read my fave self help book...."excuse me your life is waiting" by Lynne Grabhorn.
    Big big hugs xxx

  3. Oh bless you ... I do hope you have had a better day today .... crying isn't a bad thing as I think it helps rid us of some of that negativity. Have a lovely weekend x

  4. Hello Mrs Cheese, So sorry you had a crap day, and I hope today is at least slightly better. I love your knicks, and your knacks :)
    sorry, that's not meant to sound as odd as it does!)

  5. Thank you for all your kind comments and messages.
    I had a very big wobble but I'm trying to stay positive.
    Some days are better than others.
    I hope you've all had a lovely weekend