Monday, 28 March 2011

three things

If you had to save 3 things from your house
(not including kids, spouse, pets and photographs),
what would you save?


My number 1 would have to be two rather chewed, smelly,
but loved little bears, Bed Teddy Eddie & Bed Teddy Freddy
and a threadbare sock creature called What About Me!
The bears have been with Large Haired Eldest since day 1 and
have been sucked, chewed and cuddled to within an inch of
their stuffing. What About Me! was introduced to my
Fluffy Youngest several years ago and they have
since become inseparable.

Number 2 has to be two little self-portrait canvases
I got the kids to draw when they were 2 or 3.
They still make me smile today and I love that the children
still comment on them.

Number 3 was hard. Lots of things have little memories
and are therefore irreplaceable. I think I'll chose my
wind-up dancing dolls.
My grandmother gave me one when I was 10 and I've loved
them ever since.

So what would you choose?


  1. Bloody brilliant entry! really got me thinking...will have to get on to deciding and will let you know x

  2. I love the self portraits - definitely artistic kids!

  3. I'd definitely save the insurance policy.....!

    But on a lighter note, it would be (i) my phone (otherwise I wouldn't have anyone's contact details anymore), (ii) my flash drive for my 'puter ('cos I permanently lost a stack of family stuff once before and wouldn't want to do that again) and (iii) a map of the coast ('cos I reckon it would be the right time to do the big move that we've always dreamed of but have been too afraid to go)! x

  4. Oh you so practical Cheesie. I'm glad you'd save the computer stuff after losing 3 years of photos.
    But my favourite 'save' is the map........sigh!

  5. Holly has also got the bear on the left of the picture, had it since she was a baby and still goes with her for sleepovers!

    He's called `Blanky Bear' !