Friday, 4 February 2011

The King's Speech

Last night five of us lovely ladies took ourselves off to Jarman Park in Hemel Hempstead to watch The King's Speech. We're all so used to the luxury that is The Rex in Berkhamsted, but you try getting a ticket for this film there this month (or for the next few months for that matter). No amount of queuing or telephoning will get your bottom on one of those plush red velvet seats. So Hemel it was then.

What a masterpiece! Rarely, when a film has been so hyped and had trophies and awards thrown at it do I fancy going to see it. However, the handsome Mr Firth is quite a draw to ladies of a certain age who remember his Mr Darcy wet shirt role. This film had us crying, laughing and cooing over it's wonderful attention to detail and witty script. Geoffrey Rush is absolutely amazing in the role of his speech therapist Lionel Logue with his saggy face and sparkling wit. In the words of HRH King George VI, f@*k, f@*k, f@*k, what a fantastic film! I think the Oscar is in the bag Colin.


  1. Absolutely loved it too! Superb film. Took the opportunity to see it last weekend, whilst little L was at a sleepover. So nice to watch a beautifully crafted, non-CGI movie for a change!! Wx

  2. Crikey what a film! I didn't think I'd enjoy it quite so much. Funny, sad and beautifully filmed. How much did you want that sofa and that room, and those windows............? xxx