Wednesday, 9 February 2011

guilty pleasures - pickled beetroot

oh me oh my I could happily scoff a jar a day.........
does it mean I'm lacking in some important nutrient?
Mr Cheese HATES the stuff. I've taken to opening the fridge door and secretly stuffing it in without him seeing!
My pink teeth might give the game away though ;-)



  1. They say beetroot is a super food that lowers blood pressure so its super good for you! I like it roasted with goats cheese yum xx

  2. mm mm! Have you tried Waitrose beetroot in chili marinade too?

  3. Oh blimey my blood pressure is quite low normally so maybe I should lay off it for a while......
    But it's just too scrummy!
    Beet+goats cheese = yum!
    beetroot in chili marinade.......let me at it!