Saturday, 5 February 2011

breast cancer in the news

This week I read that breast cancer will now affect
1 in 8 women in the UK.

That is a very scary statistic to hear. Apparently factors such as drinking, obesity and the age at which a woman has children all influence the likelihood of breast cancer developing. Mmmmmm! Does that make me a fat, alcoholic granny-mother then? I think not! Generalising like this makes me quite cross. When I was diagnosed I was a regular visitor to the gym (twice a week) and a pilates nut (bendy legs), hell yes I have a glass of wine of an evening but I'm not a lush who glugs a bottle of thunderbird with my cornflakes in the morning. And, yes, I suppose I am an 'old' mother but give me a break, I was having a nice life getting to know my husband and travelling before settling into domesticity and motherhood and at 33 I wasn't
that old to have my first child.

All I can say ladies, is, if you have any doubts about anything you're feeling or any changes you find, please get them checked out. Nobody, not even the nice GP, knows your body better than you.
And NO you're NOT wasting anyone's time xxxx

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  1. I read this too this week and too was scared by it. I am an 'older' mother, having my first at 31. I've met so many women that have been affected by this disease and from what I can see it is not discriminative. I found a lump at 28... luckily I had Bupa back in those days and was dealt with very efficiently. Whereas my mum (who was having the same problem) waited an age on the NHS to first get screened and then get the results. I wish you a very speedy recovery. Lx

  2. Hi Laura, I still find it amazing that we have to wait till we're 50 for regular mammograms. Breast cancer is affecting more and more women under 50, so I think screening needs to be updated. What is it like in the US?
    I wish you and your mum the very best of health xx

  3. At the fundraiser the other night it was mentioned that the breast cancer rate in China is something like 1 in 10,000!!! (Apparently down to diet?!)
    The treatment my friend is having is fascinating....lots of people are coming out of the clinic cancer free! As well as all the treatment she is also on a non cooked vegan diet. Shame it costs an average of £60,000!
    Hugs xx

  4. I don't think I could EVER be a vegan, what about roast chicken????? Am in a panic now, just thinking about it!
    I'm going to follow your link and have a good old read. I don't have a spare £60,000 on me though.......