Friday, 7 January 2011

the wonderful world of julie arkell

a few years ago mr cheese bought me a lovely little papier mache bunny in a box called 'small brown' by julie arkell. I love it so much. I would love a little friend to keep her company on that big, lonely old shelf........
all available from the wonderful


  1. These are lovely-I've never seen them before. Thank you for the comment on my blog and on Pinterest. Very nice to meet a fellow Bills/Wickle fan!!Hope you're having a good weekend. x

  2. Oh so lovely I have been on a course led by Julie Arkell and it was such a fab day. She is so creative and a really nice person too.

  3. I would LOVE to go on a course by her. She did a stint at my children's school a couple of years ago. If she comes back I'll have to be a volunteer parent that day. xx