Sunday, 23 January 2011

i likeeeeee

These satchels by Doc Martens are just wonderful. They are crafted by a small team of saddlery specialists in London. The beautiful bags use the very same classic Smooth leather used for the ‘Made in England’ range of Dr. Martens. They are available in five heritage DM’s colours and limited to only 350 pieces across all colours worldwide. They are a design classic and I'd like the white, no the green, hang on maybe red......... £125 but I think I'm worth it!
dr martens
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  1. Ooooh, i like these too....I always wanted to be a proper jolly hockey sticks schoolgirl with straw hat and satchel etc....maybe i can get one of these and live out my fantasy now!!!!!!!

  2. I say Ms Cheese! What what!!!

  3. I absolutely love these! I'm sure I have seen them downstairs in Selfridges (I HAVE to make a pilgrimage trip to London once a year - Liberty's fabric dept John Lewis ditto and Selfridges!). I would love the red one :-) but alas I am spending far too much on fabric and yarn at the moment ...

  4. I have to go to Liberty just to touch and stroke the fabrics and gaze longingly at the loveliness that sits within it's beautiful walls.....It's my favourite shop in the whole wide world!!! I love the creaky wooden stairs and rattly lifts and the lovely balconies LOVE LOVE LOVE!