Sunday, 30 January 2011

building collapsed in Berkhamsted

Berkhamsted has many beautiful old shops along it's very long high street, including the oldest shop in England, dating from around 1280. Last night the high street suffered a big loss. Birtchnells (the old gentleman's outfitters) was a lovely old victorian, double-fronted shop with 2 floors of accommodation above. At around midnight last night it collapsed. How very sad that we've lost a lovely old building..........and very mysterious!

photo courtesy of Mrs Littler


  1. That is a shame, lucky it was during the night and nobody was hurt. I often think what architecture are we leaving behind, new builds will no doubt collapse much sooner!
    Let us know if the mystery is solved x

  2. What a mess and a crying shame!
    I'll don my chief inspector cheese cap and investigate further....x

  3. We've lost a great building there, I just hope whatever is put up in its place is sympathetic to what was there, and what remains of the rest of the highstreet.


  4. It's just awful. Haven't walked into town in the last few days but apparently it's mostly gone now. I don't think the good people of Berko will accept any old building thrown up in it's place. Well I won't for sure and if there's a petition I'll add my name to it.