Thursday, 23 December 2010

It's a wonderful life

Yesterday I went to the Rex in Berkhamsted (oh we're so lucky to have this gem of a cinema in our town). I took the cheeselets to see 'It's a wonderful life' much did I weep? I took comfort in the fact that so many other ladies were wiping away their tears too. Sentimental christmas slush, and I loved it!
the rex berkhamsted


  1. ooh I love this film! Perfect way to spend a winter's afternoon. Joe has gone to see 'Little Fockers' with friends today, (not such a Christmas classic me thinks!!).

    Have just received those adorable 'Rudolphs' - so sweet! I know the boys will love them. Now please let me know what to send you for them & I can post it off to you straight after Crimbo.

    Have a wonderful, restful Christmas, hun. Love to you all and hope to see you very soon. Wend xx

  2. It's a Cheesey tradition to watch it every Christmas Eve in our house- I cry when George gets a smack round the ear at the beginning and don't stop until the end! And it has a Clarence in it.
    Buffalo girls won't you come out tonight..

  3. .....and dance by the light of the moon!
    Every time a bell rings.......
    Sigh and sob xxx