Monday, 1 November 2010

ups and downs

I had to go to hospital today for what I thought was a routine consultation with my surgeon as I'm experiencing quite a lot of pain in my affected breast. After the consultation he sent me for mammograms OUCH!!!! (3 on each side) and ultrasounds. This brought back many painful memories (it'll be a year tomorrow since I had the awful tests which led to my diagnosis in December). The radiology sister spoke to me afterwards and hugged me as she remembered how difficult it was for me last time. I couldn't help but cry. I seem to have a large hard area of tissue they're not sure about. The healing hasn't been helped by the radiotherapy so I have to go back in a couple of months by which time the swelling will have subsided and they can decide whether I will need further surgery.
A migraine decided to attack me whilst having my mammogram and I'm grateful to the kind radiologist who plied me with painkillers and sat me quietly on my own until the flashing lights had stopped. I attended my 'Cancer, the next stage' course later on and on entering the room I burst into tears. An emotional day and I thank the lovely ladies for getting me through it. Thanks girls x


  1. Oh Sweetie, you sound really down with it all and too drained to even be angry. So can I be angry for you ? MERDE MERDE MERDE! Not fair, not right, not funny $%"^$%&£*"(!

  2. Can't think of anything useful to say except love you lots xxxx

  3. Hey you. Just logged on to read of Monday's hard day....I had no idea when I doorstepped you yesterday, and would have given you an extra hard squeeze had I known Mrs Cheese.
    Hope to super cheer you up on

  4. Thank you all for you kind messages and support. It was a very tough day. Everyday brings a new problem and I understand now the term 'Living with cancer'. Life will never be the same again and I have to deal with the ups and downs of this hideous disease xx